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(D) Only II and III are redox reactions. the main response is a precipitation response. PbS could be the precipitate, as well as oxidation states with the substances within the reaction will not be modifying.

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(file,T) Gibbs absolutely free Vitality is helpful in indicating the disorders under which a chemical response will take place. hence, the equation can be utilized to predict the spontaneity of a reaction. improve in enthalpy and change in entropy are both equally Section of the Gibbs totally free Electricity equation: ΔG = ΔH - TΔS.

(E) The graph exhibits that there is a starting off amount in Remedy, in addition to a slight positive slope to the proper signifies a directly proportional modify inside the solubility as temperature rises.

In the example, the uranium-235 atom undergoes a transmutation into two unique atoms, krypton and barium. In addition it releases three a lot more cost-free neutrons and Power. The Strength launched is accustomed to warmth water until finally it will become steam. The steam is then utilized to rotate a coil of wire within a magnetic area, creating electrical Electricity.

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