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one example is, Na2SO4 is a normal salt and NaHSO4 is undoubtedly an acid salt because of the existence of H in the hydrogen sulfate ion. In Ca(HCO3)2, precisely the same is correct. This is classified being an acid salt.

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Changing the atomic quantity leads to a transmutation right into a new ingredient. The ejected alpha particle will be the minimum dangerous kind of radioactive decay. Although it is hazardous if digested, an alpha particle is usually stopped by equally paper and skin.

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future, full the Verify marks for each part and insert the amount in the designated block. Now do the arithmetic indicated, and insert your p.c for each location.

A fission response would be the splitting of a large atom into lesser atoms. A fusion reaction entails combining lesser atoms to generate a bigger atom. both equally fission and fusion reactions require the discharge of Vitality.

Choose the one lettered decision that best fits Each individual assertion or formulation and after that fill during the corresponding oval on the answer sheet. Each alternative could possibly be utilized once, a lot more than as soon as, or in no way in Every single set.

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