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(D) Only II and III are redox reactions. the initial reaction is often a precipitation reaction. PbS will be the precipitate, along with the oxidation states of your substances within the response usually are not changing.

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A ternary compound is made up of a few link alternatif nettoto 2019 elements, ordinarily an element in addition to a polyatomic ion. to call the compound, you simply title each part while in the get of constructive first and unfavorable 2nd.

An atom using an electron configuration of  1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p4 will most likely exhibit which oxidation condition?

A ternary compound consists of a few factors, commonly an element along with a polyatomic ion. to call the compound, you just title Just about every element inside the order of optimistic initial and destructive second.

If the simplest method of a material is CH2 and its molecular mass is 56, what's its accurate components?

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