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(D) Only II and III are redox reactions. the primary reaction is actually a precipitation response. PbS is the precipitate, and also the oxidation states from the substances while in the response usually are not transforming.

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, is spontaneously ejected from your nucleus of the atom. If an alpha particle leaves the nucleus, the mass variety of the atom is minimized by four though the atomic amount is lessened by two.

full the quantity of accurate answers you have recorded with your answer sheet. it ought to be similar to the whole of the many numbers you location inside the block from the lower still left corner of each space of the Subject spot summary in another segment.

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(B) The reaction would not be spontaneous due to the fact gold is significantly less Energetic than zinc. This might be determined by taking a look at the exercise sequence for metals. Gold is definitely the least Lively of all the metals and will likely not swap One more metallic in a compound spontaneously.

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Your Uncooked rating is transformed by the school Board right into a scaled score. The College Board scores range from two hundred to 800. This conversion is done to make certain a score earned on any version . of a selected SAT subject matter examination in Chemistry is akin to the same scaled score acquired on another edition of precisely the same take a look at. since some editions from the exams may very well be slighdy less difficult or tougher than others, scaled scores are modified so that they point out the identical level of efficiency regardless of the edition on the test taken and the flexibility of the group that normally takes it.

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